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1.The price of fiscal folly.

Borrowing to distribute for consumption is to be guarded against. When — as now — the government has debt outstanding, launching the universal basic income would amount precisely to that.

With the annual Budget of the Central government to be presented soon, exhortations have appeared in public on what it should contain.

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2.UAE signals a ‘Look East’ policy.

Its troops will march in the Republic Day parade as an indicator of its power in the Indian Ocean

The United Arab Emirates is likely to highlight its “Look East” policy with its participation in the Republic Day celebrations in India, a prominent Gulf studies expert has said.

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3.Trump moves to pull U.S. out of TPP.

Calls the withdrawal ‘great thing for the American worker’; also promises to cut taxes ‘massively’

U.S. President Donald Trump moved on Monday to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), making good on a pledge to scrap a deal he denounced as a “job killer”.

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4.Trump reshaping Israel-Palestine politics.

ust two days old, the presidency of Donald Trump is already reshaping the politics between Israelis and Palestinians, on issues from the location of the U.S. Embassy to possible annexation of a major settlement bloc to whether Palestinians are on the edge of a revolt.  read more

5.India rejects attempts by EU, Canada for global investment agreement.

India had asked all nations, with which it has BITs, to re-negotiate those agreements on the basis of the new draft text of BIT.

India, along with Brazil, Argentina and some other nations, has rejected an informal attempt by the European Union (EU) and Canada to work towards a global investment agreement at the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level that would incorporate a contentious Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism.

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1. Safe Journey Please
Rail safety and not showpiece projects should be at the heart of forthcoming budget proposals
The derailment of Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express last week in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district, following two similar catastrophes within the space of two months, highlights the railways’ appalling safety record.

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2. Trump's first executive order: Exit TPP.
Prez, Aides Outed By Media For `Lies’, Kellyanne Conway Calls Them `Alternative Facts’, Faces On-Air Rebuke
US President Donald Trump began his first full work day at the White House on Monday by taking Washington out of the Trans-Pacific Parnership (TPP), a trade agreement among twelve of the Pacific Rim countries and his predecessor’s most significant trade deal.

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1.Lessons for the Uniform Civil Code.

Leap-frogging is a good game for children but dangerous when applied to cultural or social reform. This is the primary lesson from the Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu. read more

2.Trump begins to walk the talk on TPP, NAFTA.
3.Panel moots flexible fiscal roadmap.

NEW DELHI: India’s public debt management has got a new roadmap, which will help the government to set its borrowing goals on a fiscal deficit ‘range’ as against the existing system of chasing a ‘fixed’ target. read more

4.India’s external debt position improving, shows World Bank data

ENGALURU: A recently-released World Bank report says that India’s external debt position may be improving.The report, titled ‘International Debt Statistics 2017’, shows that India fares much better than its Brics counterparts except China. The data also that India’s borrowing from the International Monetary Fund has been falling since 2014. read more

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