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The annual plenary session of the Nuclear Suppliers Group ended on Friday without taking any decision on India’s application for membership read more

2.IAS aspirants prefer Videshi media

The number of students writing the UPSC mains exam in English has been disproportionately high over the last few years,analysis of UPSC data from 2009 to 2014 show. read more

3.Nailing the neighbourly dividend

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka last year raised hopes for the settlement of old issues between India and Bangladesh. “We are not just neighbours  read more

4.Hate free speech Vs free hate speech

On May 31, 2016, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, which are involved in the European Union Internet Forum, formulated a Code of Conduct on  read more

5.A stitch in time

The Centre’s package of incentives to boost investments and job creation in the export-oriented textile and apparel sector is a stitch in time  read more

1.Support for India’s NSG bid swells,China isolated for now.

China remained the last obstacle in the way of India’s membership bid in the Nuclear Suppliers Group even as it stood completely isolated after 47 of the 48 countries supported New Delhi’s application at a special plenary session of the group at Seoul read more

2.Show Us The Blueprint.

Over the next three decades, India needs to sustain a high growth trajectory of over 7% GDP growth accompanied by massive job creation to deliver good quality of life to all citizens. Such a high economic growth rate and scale of job creation would necessarily depend on the manufacturing and services sectors. Global experience especially since the industrial revolution has been that job creation and growth in the manufacturing and services sectors heavily depend on cities  read more

1.NSG: Great Wall of China holds on despite Modi pressure

NEW DELHI: India’s calibrated diplomatic manoeuvre to generate consensus in Seoul via Tashkent for entry into the elite club of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on Thursday was thwarted by a group of countries led by China despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging Beijing to support the emerging consensus. read more

2.Pak turning screws on Afghanistan

At the height of the 19th century Great Game between an imperialist Britain and an expansionist Czarist Russia, Rudyard Kipling, the way-farer bard, had coined the handy slogan of ‘the White man’s burden. read more

3.In or out: Britain seals its fate with EU vote

LONDON: Britain is voting Thursday on whether to remain in the European Union in one of the most important national referendums in decades. There have been months of intense campaigning between the “remain” camp that wants to stay in the 28-nation bloc and the “leave” camp that thinks Britain would do better on its own. AP explains the purpose and mechanics of the vote.read more

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