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1.Delhi to throw open border roads to Bangladesh.

Move will aid construction of outposts

In a rare gesture, India has decided to throw open its border roads to help Bangladesh construct border outposts in Chittagong hill tracts, known for its inhospitable terrain.

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2.Moral economy of a university.

Its role as a nursery for the availability of eccentricity, and for dissenting imaginations, is under threat

Indians do not have the patience to focus on a problem for an extended period of time. We do not think of institutions in the long run. We panic when there is a crisis but when a crisis dims,

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1. Democracy Makes Majorities.
How India’s Hindu “majority” is an outcome of Independence and constitutional process
Pakistan’s new Hindu Marriage Act prohibits polygamy among Hindus, but can it reel the big fish in? There is no parallel law yet,

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2. Robots Could Have What It Tax.
Machines that do human work should contribute to national revenue
As the old saying goes, death and taxes are inevitable. Now, if Bill Gates and other hi-tech crystal ball gazers are to be believed, the taxes part of that observation might apply to robots as well as to humans.

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1.Retrospective application of e-waste rules stifle growth: ICA.

NEW DELHI: Mobile operators have demanded suspension of electronic waste rules of 2016, which seek to cover manufacturing and sales details of the past 10 years. According to them, the retrospective application of the law is in violation of the Constitution and has potential to throttle industry growth.  read more

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