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1. Environment Ministry official to chair animal welfare board.

After differences between AWBI and MoEF over conduct of jallikattu, Centre wants to ‘exert primacy’ over the board

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), a statutory advisory body under the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF), will now be permanently chaired by a senior MoEF official, according to a notification made public earlier this month.

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2. One India,two time zones.

The insistence on observing IST vis-à-vis Northeast India’s needs ignores its social and economic impact

In a two paragraph order delivered by Chief Justice Ajit Singh, the Gauhati High Court has dismissed a public interest litigation filed by Rita Mozumder seeking a direction from the Central government to notify a separate time zone for the Northeast.

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3.ICHR to study if Ram Setu is man-made or natural.

The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) is set to undertake an archaeological exploration to find out whether the Ram Setu is a natural or man-made phenomenon.  read more

1. Is Ram Sethu natural? ICHR to conduct study.

Indian archeological researchers and historians will carry out an underwater exploration in search of material evidence in a bid to find out whether Ram Sethu is man-made or a natural phenomenon.   read more

2. With OBC plan, govt seeks a master stroke.

Vesting Parliament with the power to decide on backward caste status for a community can have interesting political implications, possibly the reason why the Modi government intends to move in that direction.  read more

1.Doubling our farm incomes.

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the government’s goal of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022. Simple math tells us that this would require the farmer’s income to rise by around 12 per cent per year on average, over the next five years.  read more

2.Will ‘MRP’ be a thing of the past?
3.FIPB approves nine FDI proposals.

NEW DELHI: The central government on Friday announced the approval of nine foreign direct investment proposals, recommended by the soon-to-be defunct Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), including five in the telecom sector, including one each from global telecom majors NTT Communications and Vodafone.  read more

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