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1. ‘Child artistes can work for only 5 hours a day’.

The Labour Ministry has proposed draft rules to fix the working conditions for child artistes and for employing children in family enterprises.  read more

2.The best laid plans.

Narendra Modi is not the first Chief Minister to have gone on to become Prime Minister. read more

3.The climate fight is global.

Farmers from Tamil Nadu were gathered in Delhi recently, carrying skulls, apparently belonging to those among them who had committed suicide. .  read more

4.SC for broad anti-torture legislation.

India may be finding it tough to secure extraditions because there is a fear within the international community that the accused persons would be subject to torture here, the Supreme Court said on Monday.  read more

5.Solve a problem,win Rs.1 crore.

The Centre is set to launch a scheme for students from higher educational institutions to volunteer to offer innovative, original and practical solutions to problems facing the country and get rewarded for their efforts.  read more

1. Aadhaar a must to ensure poor get food, says Centre

Aadhaar was made mandatory to ensure the poor get subsidised foodgrains under the public distribution system (PDS), the Centre told the Delhi high court on Monday.  read more

1.Let’s not punish family planning.

The President, Pranab Mukherjee has recently advocated an upward revision in the strength of the Lok Sabha, “to give true expression to the will of the people”.  read more

2.Science marches for facts.

All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website.” When a Reditt user responded to that January 20 headline by remarking “There needs to be a Scientists’ March in Washington. read more

3.Niti Aayog likely to prune regional centres to six.

In a surprise move, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-headed NITI Aayog has decided to close some of its regional development offices that are responsible for monitoring and conducting impact evaluation of Centrally-funded flagship programmes of the government. read more

4.A peek into the functions of CAG.

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