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1.The perils of plastic.

The data breach at 19 Indian banks that has led to more than 32 lakh debit cards being blocked or recalled is a wake-up call for the banking industry.  read more

2.Bird flu and What we must do.

Several subtypes and strains of avian influenza viruses are now found around the world, some of them capable of causing death among humans and others inflicting read more

3.The aliens in the U.S.

In August 2015, The New York Times wrote an editorial calling for retiring the word “alien” from America’s statutes. In 1798, the country framed .  read more

4.More than a hundred days later.

“I was hit by pellets in my eyes while returning home from namaz,” said Majid Ali Sheik, a 16-year-old boy from Kupwara, at the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SHMS) hospital in Srinagar. Lifting his blackout goggles to reveal his bloodied and   read more

1. Why keep defaulters' names under cover, SC asks RBI

As the UK goes to vote on June 23 to decide whether the country should be part of the European Union or not, read more

2. US envoy's Arunachal visit is interference, says China

India re iterated on Monday that Arunachal Pradesh was an integral part of India after China protested US ambassador to India Richard Verma’s visit to the state last week. Verma had visited the state which China claims  read more

3. Why New Zealand Matters

Since my last visit five years ago I have keenly observed India’s political, economic and social transformation, and welcomed the increasingly active role India is playing internationally .  read more

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