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1.Extraordinary leave is not matter of right: Delhi HC.

‘Employee cannot be allowed to work at her convenience’.

Legal entitlement to leave is with regard to leave which is authorised, like maternity leave or child care leave.

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2.India needs the rubella vaccine.

Why is the measles-rubella vaccine being administered to children?

Buoyed by the elimination of polio six years ago and maternal and neonatal tetanus and yaws in 2016, India has set an ambitious target of eliminating measles and controlling congenital rubella syndrome (CRS),

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3.Merely opening accounts for women won’t ensure equality.

Changing attitudes will address gender imbalance in financial services

For some reason, the government appears to have developed last-minute cold feet about delivering the coup de grâce to the Bharatiya Mahila Bank,

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4.Sweden, a nation of open arms, rethinks its immigration policy.

While it seeks to maintain a humanitarian ideal, public concerns have begun to shift the politics of the traditionally liberal country

It has been only three years since she came to Sweden from Syria, but Hiba Abou Alhassane already says “we” when speaking about her new home country.

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1. Govt aims for passage of enemy property bill in RS

The government is set to press for passage of the enemy property bill in the Rajya Sabha when Parliament reconvenes on March 9. The bill seeks to provide ownership of properties worth more than Rs 1 lakh crore.   read more

1.Air Pollution: two death per minute, politicos in denial.

This month, India was informed by two different studies that air pollution is causing pre-mature deaths across India. A study, by The Lancet, states that over a million Indians— or two Indians every minute—die every year due to air pollution, and some of the worst-polluted cities of the world are in India.  read more

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