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1.The bleak new academic scenario.

The  other day, a student asked me what exactly the word ‘liberal’ mean. She wanted to know whether ‘liberalisation’ promotes ‘liberal’ values .. read more

2.Bail or jail.

That bail is the norm and jail the exception is a principle that is limited in its application to the affluent, the powerful and the influential.. read more

3.Should agricultural income be taxed?

The recent discussion on taxing farm income is nothing new. This kind of thinking was doing the rounds even in British India, when as early as 1925, a committee was set up to assess the feasibility of taxing agriculture income..  read more

4.Experts say that if automation takes 2 jobs,it creates 10 more.

India will not let the threat of cyberattacks, such as the recent ‘Wannacry’ ransomware, restrict the progress of Digital India,.  read more

5.GST will help establish traceability of gold:WGC

The rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on July 1 will get gold out of the shadows of black money and establish traceability, Somasundaram P. R., managing director, India World Gold Council said..  read more

1.India is most populated country: Expert

Chinese people cheering on their country’s ascent sometimes comfort themselves with the idea that Asia’s other behemoth, India, is years from surpassing China’s population and decades from emerging as a potential economic peer, read more

2. Centre plans changes in CRZ rules

The government is mooting significant changes to the Coastal Regulation Zone notification (CRZ), file inspections under RTI by members of an NGO, Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has revealed.  read more

3. Ride Into The Storm

Washington mavens have a new parlour game ­ called “impeachment & removal“. The game is all about devising new and innovative ways of putting President Donald Trump out to grass..  read more

1.Measuring GST ‘s success.

Last week, GST crossed the final hurdle with states arriving at a consensus on the classification of goods and services and their rate structure.  read more

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