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1.U.K. grapples with post-Brexit chaos.

To limit damage to their economies, EU founders push for its early exit read more

2.Re-searching ashoka in Thailand.

A biographer of the Emperor goes looking for Ashoka-inspired relics in Southeast Asia — hitting one false trail, and then landing a magical discovery. read more

3.NSG appoints nuclear envoy to panel for India.

‘U.S. is confident that India would be a full member of Nuclear Suppliers Group by the end of the year’.  read more

1.Scotland starts drive to stay in EU.

Scotland’s devolved government will start a drive to protect its European Union membership and prepare for a possible fresh independence vote after Britain voted to exit the bloc, first minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Saturday , read more

2.Will Brexit trigger a continental Drift?

Despite the drama of the Brexit vote, the Europe an Union project has been slipping steadily into disrepair for years.  read more

1.Dont leave us in Limbo,Hasten Brexit:EU

Six orginal members of the economic bloc hold an emergency meeting in Berlin and demand that Britain choose a new Prime Minister soon;   read more

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