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1.Bird flu in ducks at Alappuzha.

Bird flu (avian influenza), caused by H5N8 virus, has been detected among ducks at five places in Alappuzha district.  read more

2.T.N.opposes Centre’s stand on tribunal.

The position taken by the Centre that the Supreme Court has no power to judicially review the Cauvery tribunal’s 2007 award is tantamount to giving the tribunal “absolute,  read more

3.About 5 lakh TB patients contacted govt.clinics,still went untreated.

In 2013, India had about 2.7 million people with Tuberculosis, which is 23 per cent of the global burden of the disease.  read more

4.Three-time salary hike proposed for President.

The salaries of the President and the Vice-President may go up three fold as the Union Home Ministry has prepared a proposal for raising the emoluments of the country’s two top functionaries.  read more

1.India still low in doing biz index.

India moved up only one position in the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) ease of doing business rankings, triggering a strong reaction from the government that the string of reform initiatives undertaken by it in the last one year had not been factored in by the World Bank arm.  read more

2.SC won’t go into Hindutva issue.

The Supreme Court refused on Tuesday to revisit its 1995 judgment declaring that using `Hindutva’ to seek votes was not a corrupt practice warranting disqualification of a candidate as it was `a way of life’ and not a religion.  read more

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