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1.PM to review Indus Waters Treaty today

In an indication that the government was weighing extreme diplomatic actions against Pakistan in the wake of the terror attack on an Army camp in Uri,  read more

2.India to ratify Paris climate pact on Gandhi Jayanti

India will ratify its U.N. climate change commitments next month to mark Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and as a tribute to Deendayal Upadhyaya, read more

3.Rain deficit may trigger plant diseases: expert

Major crops and vegetable varieties are prone to multidimensional problems during the coming drought season,  read more

4.Disparity between States growing : Study

Regional disparity has been growing over the years, shows a new study which evaluates the governance performance of 19 major States.  read more

5.Solving the Pakistan puzzle

The terrorist attack on an Indian Army base in north Kashmir’s Uri by Pakistan-based terror groups has rekindled a long-standing  read more

6.Falling behind Schedule

Current educational attainments remain far from adequate for the enhancement of personal well-being and social progress,  read more

7.On the right to Photocopy

On September 16, the Delhi Court dismissed the copyright infringement petition filed by three international publishers  read more

8.U.S denies trade-off on climate pact

India will ratify its U.N. climate change commitments next month to mark Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary  read more

9.Supreme Court finds govt. Defying its order on Adhaar

The Centre was caught red-handed defying a Supreme Court order directing that no citizen will be denied benefits under a government scheme read more

10.China sees Kashmir dispute as an obstacle to silk Road

Growing tensions between India and Pakistan is persuading the Chinese establishment to focus on the Kashmir issue as an impediment to Beijing’s One Belt One Road (OBOR)  read more

11.World’s largest radio telescope begins operations

The world’s largest radio telescope began searching for signals from stars and galaxies and, perhaps, extraterrestrial life on Sunday  read more

12.Regulatory changes make a ‘healthy ‘ turn to innovation in insurance

Insurance companies deal with risk. And, as new forms of risk constantly emerge —  read more

13.African jumbos ‘suffer worst decline in 25 years’
 Africa’s elephant population has suffered its worst drop in 25 years,  read more
14.Pluto has massive ocean under icy shell?
Pluto may contain an ocean spanning over 100 km in thickness beneath its icy surface, with a salt content similar to that of the Dead Sea on Earth,  read more
1.India to ratify Paris Climate Change pact on OCT 2: PM

India will ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change on October 2, PM Narendra Modi said on Sunday ,  read more

2.China continues to block India’s NSG bid using Pakistan

As India mounts a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan over the issue of terrorism,  read more

3.Experts divided over Indus water treaty review

Senior officials will brief Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty on Monday ,  read more

4.India, Bangladesh identify 366 vulnerable stretches on border

India and Bangladesh have identified 366 vulnerable stretches on the 4,096-km eastern border which are frequently used by criminals to smuggle fake Indian currency notes,  read more

5.Nine Indian islands chosen for Singapore-like tourism boost

The azure seas and white coral beaches of Lakshadweep and the tropical lushness of Andaman & Nicobar  read more

6.Govt’s new policy on stents unleashes war in industry

The azure seas and white coral beaches of Lakshadweep and the tropical lushness of Andaman & Nicobar  read more

1.PM to review Indus Water Treaty today

As pressure mounts on the Union government for concrete action against Uri attack, read more

2.How powerful is your passport?

Applying for travel documents while planning to visit a country is no joke, considering the paper works involved. read more

3.India to ratify Paris climate treaty

The Prime Minister announced on Sunday that India would ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change.read more

4. India reloads , aims to figure on military map

At a time when Pakistan is engaging in War games with Russia for first time..read more

5.ISRO set for new landmark with Monday’s launch

Indian space agency ISRO on Monday will, for the first time, be making commercial use its own multiple burn technology.read more

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