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1.Aadhaar-PAN linkage meant to plug tax leaks,says SC.

Slamming a tendency in the country to evade taxes, the Supreme Court referred to the mandatory linking of Aadhaar to the Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Income Tax returns as an instance of the government’s efforts to bring “new and new laws to stop leakages.”  read more

2.Doctors worry about quality as Centre pushes for generics.

Following the Centre’s advisory to physicians to prescribe drugs with generic names, doctors across the country are worried that any change in drug — especially for patients with chronic illnesses and critical care — may risk patients not getting the full benefit of a particular drug. read more

3.The world is still flat.

Cheer up, prospects for the world economy have improved. This seems to be the headline message from the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook (April 2017).  read more

4.Navigating between friends.

Changes in the United States’ attitude to Iran could be very serious for India; among the issues involved are India’s access to Iranian oil supplies and other resources, the progressively more cordial relations between New Delhi and Washington, and India’s deepening defence relationship with Israel.  read more

5.A solution in search of a problem.

May I ask,” T.T. Krishnamachari queried in the Constituent Assembly on November 30, 1948, “who are the backward class of citizens?”.  read more

6.Caught in the crossfire.

The wanton killings never seem to stop. A bomb attack recently on refugees inside their own homeland in Syria led to the ghastly deaths of 68 children in Aleppo.  read more

7.Field methods in geology.

For a long time, a place’s height has been measured with reference to the surrounding sea. Mount Everest, for instance, is 8,848 metres when measured from the surface of the sea but may have a different value if measured from the ocean floor.  read more

8.’Sustainable sector is a $1 trillion opportunity’.

India has the potential for $1 trillion worth of business opportunities and 72 million job opportunities by 2030 for companies working in the sustainable development space, especially in sectors such as food and agriculture, energy, construction, and healthcare, according to Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact.  read more

1. SC asks Centre to consider enacting law to regulate NGOs.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre to examine enacting a law to regulate disbursal of public funds to over 32 lakh NGOs and voluntary organisations and prosecute them in case of misuse or misappropriation.   read more

2. Prescribing generics not enough, plug holes in supply chain: Experts

Even as most medical specialists have supported the government’s move towards ensuring doctors prescribe medicines by their generic name, most feel it may not be right to take punitive action against them in the absence of a strong regulatory mechanism, lack of prescription audit and a monitoring machinery to keep a check on pharmacists.  read more

3. PAN's linking to Aadhaar to check tax evasion and black money: Centre to Supreme Court

Justifying amendment in the Income Tax law for linking Permanent Account Number (PAN) to Aadhaar, the Centre told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it was done to curb tax evasion and keep tabs on circulation of black money as PAN was not foolproof.  read more

4. Immunise Our Children

It was in 1986 that i first started advocating for immunisation under the aegis of Impact India. A few years later, Javed (Akhtar) and i accom panied vaccinators to remote areas in Uttar Pradesh to build awareness about UNICEF’s Pulse Polio vaccination campaign.  read more

5. Widen Tax Base

Finance minister Arun Jaitley yesterday categorically stated that government has no plan to tax agricultural income. This followed a proposal by Niti Aayog member Bibek Debroy to levy such a tax.  read more

6. US set for largest tax reform in its history

President Donald Trump is scheduled to unveil broad outlines of a tax overhaul on Wednesday that will provide massive tax cuts to businesses as Washington struggles with mounting debt, which stands at $20 trillion, and the populist president tries to make good on promises to bring jobs and prosperity to the middle class.  read more

1.Racy plot, disappointing climax.

The great American war leader and president, FD Roosevelt, had famously described the sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, December 7, 1941, as a “day to live in infamy”.  read more

2.Come up with a law to regulate NGOs,disbursal of funds,SC tells govt,

Expressing concern over disbursal of public funds to over 32 lakh non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and voluntary organisations every year, the Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre to enact a law to regulate them and said mere guidelines won’t work. read more

3.Govt bats for Aadhaar,says it will curb tax evasion.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the Centre’s policy to link Aadhaar to PAN card and Income Tax returns has been aimed at improving the present system and to avoid tax evasions. read more

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