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1.India gives $500 mn aid to Mauritius.

India on Saturday announced a $500 million line of credit to Mauritius as the two countries decided to firm up cooperation in the field of maritime security in the Indian Ocean region.  read more

2.What Emperor Ashoka knew about free speech.

Should members of one religious community have a right to freely criticise other religious communities? Why not? Indeed, they must.. read more


1. Act East a mainstay of India's foreign policy

In 2002, while delivering a lecture in Singapore, then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared India’s position in the Asia Pacific to be a geographical reality and a political fact.In many ways, the Modi government has worked to bring Vajpayee’s perceptive declaration to fruition., read more

2. India on diplomatic drive at global meet to build coalition for disaster mitigation

In a rare diplomatic drive here at UN’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction India has held more than six bilateral meetings with countries in the Asia Pacific region and more are scheduled to build a global coalition of countries that will closely work on disaster mitigation and share expertise and technology with each other on safeguarding critical infrastructure that includes schools, hospitals, road, power and telecommunication..  read more


1.More work for skilled and wealth for entrepreneurs as Modinomics cuts bloated govt

We have tried to give new perspective to employment as it is not possible to provide employment to everyone in a country of 125 crore people..  read more

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