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1.Tribal development remains poor, says Ministry report.

The tribal population in India lags behind other social groups on various social parameters, such as child mortality, infant mortality, number of anaemic women, says the latest annual report of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.  read more

2.Afghanistan, India and Trump.

Given his limited choices in stabilising Afghanistan, which include supporting a national election, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will find India to be a reliable and trusted partner in this process

On January 20, next year, Donald Trump will take over as the 45th President of the United States of America, at a time when the U.S. remains engaged in the longest war in its history — the war in Afghanistan. He will be the third President to deal with the war launched in 2001 by U.S. President George Bush and sought to be brought to a conclusion by his successor U.S. President Barack Obama.

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3.Passport to reform.

The progressive changes introduced by the Centre to the rules governing grant of passports were long overdue. They simplify, in great measure, the paperwork needed for an Indian citizen to get the document. In order to screen applications to prevent impersonation, some of the earlier rules may have made sense at some point of time, but over the years the bureaucratic impediments that the cumbersome requirements posed to genuine applicants were so severe that many had to knock on the doors of high courts for remedy. read more

4.Behind Pakistan’s CPEC offer.

Days after a senior Pakistani General suggested that India should shun its “enmity” with Pakistan and join the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, the Chinese foreign ministry has called the offer a “goodwill gesture”, exhorting India to take it up. At face value, the suggestion is odd. India has no dialogue with Pakistan at present, and has opposed the project, bilaterally with China “at the highest level” as well as at the UN. Relations with China have deteriorated considerably since President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan to announce the project in April 2015. Initially,  read more

1.China willing to question Agni-V launch with UNSC.
`Ready To Work For Maintaining Regional Peace, Stability’
China indicated on Tuesday that it is willing to question India’s launch of Agni-V ballistic missile at the UN Security Council. It is one of the five permanent members of UNSC.

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2.SC: Life sentence means imprisonment till life-end.
`Power To Remit Sentence Is With State Government’
The Supreme Court on Monday refused to dilute its zealously adhered principle -life sentence means imprisonment till the end of life -and rejected a plea for release by a murder convict who has already spent 25 years in jail.

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3.Experts want all biz, firms in formal economy: Panagariya

The post-demonetisation budget is likely to be citizen and taxpayer-friendly and will contain measures to push economic growth. This was the central message to emanate from an interaction between PM Narendra Modi and a group of economists organised by Niti Aayog on Tuesday . The consultations ahead of the Modi government’s third budget saw Modi remark that while people in general were not tax evaders, they did want tax money to be better utilised and accounted for.  read more

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