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1.Pharmacies not likely cause of TB during resistance

For a while now, the medical community has been blaming pharmacies for indiscriminately giving antibiotics to patients with tuberculosis (TB),  read more

2.Need for an HPV vaccine?

In this age of ‘Tinder’ dating, a vaccine that offers protection from the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), read more

3.Holland to raise concerns on free speech in India at UN review

India’s recent track record in protecting freedom of expression is expected to come under close scrutiny in the UN’s next Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2017,  read more

4.’Own arbitration tool must for BRICS’

It is extremely important that the BRICS nations develop an arbitration mechanism among themselves at a time when certain centres in the world have monopolised the bulk of the cases,  read more

5.GST may face hurdles before rollout

Many back-end accounting issues need to be addressed for early rollout of Goods and Services Tax Regime,  read more

6.Why the Surrogacy Bill is necessary

Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby for another couple and gives up the baby at birth.  read more

1.Sharif to send 22 envoys to highlight J&K issue

Further need ling India on the Kashmir issue, Pakis tan Prime Mi nister Nawaz Sharif on Sa turday nominated 22 parliamentarians  read more

2.End the rail budget, run railways on commercial lines

For decades I have argued that the railway budget is a colonial aberration that should be abolished.  read more

1.Pakistan to send 22 special envoys on ‘MISSION KASHMIR’

STEPPING up its rhetoric to needle India, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Staturday said  read more

2.Is India rising? What are the new hopes, new fears? A reporter’s account makes for a readable story

There is no end to books coming out on India. On Narendra Modi alone there are already more than a dozen.read more

3.GST on newspapers would kill press as we know it

The Parliament was empowered till 1956 to levy tax on sale or purchase of newspapers.read more

4.Big market, not so big manufacturing

IT has always been a dream to have a well-structured electronics manufacturing sector in India.read more

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