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1.Supercomputer to forecast monsoon with dynamical model.

Next year, India’s annual summer monsoon forecast may be made by a supercomputer running a dynamical model. read more

2.Magsaysay for Bezwada Wilson,T.M.Krishna

Mr. Krishna will receive the award for “social inclusiveness in culture,” while Wilson was named as an awardee for “asserting the inalienable right to a life of human dignity.” read more

3.Fooled by smartness

The smart city project seeks to build islands of cutting-edge urban infrastructure ring-fenced from the sea of dysfunctionality that has come to epitomise urban India.read more

4.India still needs to go the distance

Macroeconomic compulsions and preconditions of multilateral institutions triggered the first wave of reforms in the ’90s. The onus is now on Narendra Modi to finish the unfinished agenda.read more

5.Bogeys on the Universal Health Coverage train

This public health agenda should not be derailed by the populism of electoral politics, personal preferences of prominent medical professionals or the parsimony of public financing.read more

6.NGO staff: Public servants or private citizens?

They may not need to file returns of their assets for now, but they remain under the ambit of the Lokpal Act read more

7.Clones of Dolly the sheep have aged gracefully.

Study shows that four genomic copies of the world’s first animal cloned from an adult cell have reached their 9{+t}{+h}birthday.read more

1.Cabinet okays key changes in GST bill,drops 1% extra tax

A day after a crucial meeting with states on the goods and services tax, the Modi government moved swiftly to incorporate the deliberations in the Constitution amendment bill, while addressing one of three demands raised by Congress that has been holding up the key reform.read more

2.Magsaysay for crusader Bezwada,singer Krishna

Two Indians -Bezwada Wilson, a tireless crusader against the evil practice of manual scavenging, and renowned Carnatic singer T M Krishna -were on Wednesday selected for the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, 2016 along with four others.  read more

3.Andaman tribes may have a new ancestor

Two tribal communities of the Andaman Islands, Jarawas and Onges, may have evolved from an as yet have evolved from an as yet unknown human ancestor,  read more

4.Aspirin may give to stage IV cancer patients: Study

KOLKATA: The little white headache pill that costs less than Rs 1.5 per tablet could catalyse one of the biggest breakthroughs in cancer treatment.  read more

5.Hepatitis becoming silent killer in India.

Viral hepatitis has been recognized as a serious public health problem in India by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with over 52 million people infected with chronic hepatitis in the country .  read more

6.How Digital will Save India.

Conventional wisdom for the future of India is that we must grow like China, Japan and South Korea. read more

7.Carrot and Stick

Use lucrative pay panel award to reward performance and make babus accountable.read more

1.We must take the lead to combat terror

I write this piece not only for my fellow citizens, but also to remind our triumvirate of the Home, read more

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