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1.Trump restricts entry from 7 Muslim nations.

Bans arrivals from countries including Syria, Iran for 90 days

U.S. President Donald Trump has banned people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the nation for 90 days and suspended admission of refugees for 120 days through an executive order on Friday. The order has also indefinitely barred refugees from Syria.

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2.Why India needs to step up its fight.

In 2015, the country accounted for 60% of new cases of leprosy globally

India’s fight against leprosy — 16 years after being eliminated globally as a public health issue — is far from over. The World Health Organization (WHO) asked South-East Asian countries, including India which accounted for 60% per cent of such cases worldwide in 2015, to focus on preventing disabilities in children.

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3.Bilateral trade hit by banks reluctance to transact with Iran.

India’s trade with Iran is yet to be fully normalised even a year after the lifting of international sanctions on Tehran

India’s trade with Iran is yet to be fully normalised even a year after the lifting of international sanctions on Tehran.

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1. 7 Muslim nations on Trump's no-entry list, I-T cos spooked.
Extreme Vetting For Pakistanis, Saudis, Afghans
The US tech industry, substantially staffed with immigrants, was thrown into a tizzy after US President Donald Trump issued executive orders on Friday temporarily barring citizens from seven Muslimmajority countries from entering the US, and instituted extreme vetting in the case of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.

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2. Trump's no ally of India, handle him with care.

Don’t get euphoric because Narendra Modi was fifth in the list of world leaders to be phoned by Donald Trump on assuming office. Before phoning Modi, Trump called the president of Mexico, whom he has now kicked in the testicles by declaring that he will force Mexico to pay for the new border wall. Canada was higher on Trump’s phone list than India, and he has warned Canada that the NAFTA treaty must be renegotiated in America’s favour. Being high on Trump’s phone list is at best irrelevant and at worst a warning.  read more

1. US firewall up against refugees.
2.Budget needs to focus on visible deficits to create jobs,spur growth

The contest of ideas, ideologies and incremental hope is resonating across Echo chambers and the budget is around the corner. And the annual question is up in the air once again. Must the government stick to its fiscal deficit target—should it pause, ease or tighten? Should the government spend more than it is spending by borrowing more than it borrowed the previous year? Very simply the question before the government is about living within or beyond means.   read more

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