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1.Misleading the tea leaves.

Institutions created by human beings necessarily reflect the pre-eminent preoccupation of their time. read more

2..All animals are equal.

The Centre’s move to notify new rules to regulate livestock markets under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA) is either extremely poorly thought out or much too clever for its own good.  read more

3.Cattle trade rules go against 1960 law

Restrictions placed by the new rules of the Environment Ministry on sale of cattle in a livestock market for purposes of slaughter and religious animal sacrifices contravene the very law — Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 — under which it has been notified..  read more

4..Strategics ties with foreign OEMs

In a few weeks, the Union government will sound out five or six private sector majors to execute mega defence deals in four key areas — submarines, single-engine fighter aircraft, helicopters and armoured vehicles…  read more

6.Centre’s spending improves after budget date advanced.

The advancement of the Budget date to February 1 had a positive effect on the pattern of government expenditure, which increased “substantially” in April and May compared to previous years, according to a Finance Ministry official…  read more


1. Commerce ministry can grant licences for pvt def investment

Private sector players can now apply to commerce ministry for licences to manufacture tanks, fighter planes, warships and other defence equipment, a step which the government feels will promote ease of doing business and give impetus to `Make In India’ initiative., read more

2. Head Off Digital Colonialism

The world’s major societies are now wrestling with the enormous social power wielded by the internet’s “platform companies“.In Europe they speak of “GAFA“: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.Twitter, Uber and other aspirant companies hover just out of the main ring..  read more

3. Spending by states grows at slowest pace in 13 years

Amid low spending by the private sector, some of the top states in the country have slowed down spending due to their inability to increase the tax base.  read more

1.India,stay away from Shanghai

Our boycott of the One Belt One Road Forum in Beijing is a milestone in India–China relations.  read more

2.Now,DIPP will grant defence mfg licences.

Giving further push to the Make-in-India initiative and to bring in private players to the defence sector, the government has equipped the commerce ministry with the power to grant licences to companies to manufacture defence equipment. read more

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