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1.Tax defaulters get another chance.

In what virtually amounts to another voluntary income disclosure scheme, the Centre on Monday introduced a Bill in the Lok Sabha that gives tax defaulters an opportunity to come clean by paying tax and penalties.  read more

2.SC dismisses plea to review jallikattu ban.

The Supreme Court has dismissed the Tamil Nadu government’s plea seeking review of its 2014 verdict banning use of bulls for ‘jallikattu’ and bullock-cart races across the country, saying that there was no connection between jallikattu and the right to freedom of religion under the Constitution. read more

3.From one Sharif to another.

Anyone familiar with Pakistan’s history knows that most of the last 70 years since Independence have been dominated by the country’s military. Pakistan’s history and its politics have been more about the military than about its civilians or about society more broadly. Whether the military has governed directly under dictatorial military generals, as it has for 32 years,   read more

4.Lesson from another jailbreak.

India’s interest in becoming an APEC member is likely to come up for discussion between MEA officials and their American counterparts during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to the U.S. this month.  read more

1. Pay 50% tax on unaccounted deposits, much more if caught.

Those who made and disclosed bank deposits of unaccounted money in the wake of the demonetisation decision on November 8 will have to forego 50% of the amount, a part of which will go into a special fund being created for welfare measures for the poor. read more

2. Delhi dislodges Mumbai as India's economic capital

Delhi has knocked out Mumbai as the economic capital of India, taking the 30th spot among the top 50 metropolitan economic entities globally in 2015, as per the latest data put out by Oxford Economics. Mumbai is ranked 31st in the list. Oxford Economics said the Delhi Extended Urban Agglomeration (EUA) consisting of Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Gha ziabad had a GDP of $370 billion, in terms of purchasing power parity .  read more

3. How To Tame A Dragon

The election of Donald Trump as US president has unleashed further uncertainty on a world already in considerable flux. Trump has promised economic protectionism, reversals on immigration and militarism against terrorists, but has outlined few concrete policies.  read more

4. Lending rate cut hopes fade on RBI's 100% CRR move.

If you were expecting a sharp reduction in your EMI since banks are flush with funds because of demonetisation, you will have to wait a bit longer. Forget about an immediate rate cut, some banks may even be forced to hike rates, thanks to RBI’s surprise move on Saturday to increase CRR to 100%. In fact, banks are expected to cut deposit rates sharply .  read more

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