29- June-2016

the hindu
1.Parched Panchayati Raj Ministry on verge of closure.

After facing a massive budget cut last year, the future of the Panchayati Raj Ministry continues to look bleak. read more

2.The declining power of Babel.

Nearly 300 languages have gone extinct in the country since the time of independence. read more

3.How to read the popular will.

One-time referendums aren’t enough to decide matters of great import. That is why democratic constitutionalism institutionalises checks and balances.  read more

4.Joining the elite non-proliferators.

The score appears to have evened out for India in its multi-year project of gaining admission to four elite global non-proliferation clubs.  read more

5.Why hesitations of history matter.

The art of persuasion works only when the ground is prepared and there is a degree of satisfaction for all parties involved. read more

6.Flaws in a flagship programme.

The Smart Cities Mission not only prioritises parts of a city over the whole but also truncates the role of local city governments.read more

7.Median marriage age up: Census data.

JNU professor says the trend will continue because of socio-economic changes in the country.read more

8.Bank NPAs may hit 8.5% by march.

Banking sector gross NPA at 7.6%, highest in 12 years; Expected to rise further to 8.5% by March 2017.read more

1.Rexit, Now Brexit

‘Brexit’ close on the heels of ‘Rexit’ has triggered a great deal of market turbulence and future uncertainty, read more

2.Scrap Unjust Law.

In a fresh boost to the fight for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  read more

3.Banks bad loans may rise to 8.5% of assets by march:RBI

Mumbai, June 28 (IANS) Gross non-performing assets (GNPAs), or bad loans, of commercial banks may rise to 8.5 per cent of total assets by March 2017, from 7.6 percent in March 2016.  read more

1.86% biggies share as toxic loans zoom,could derail banking sector.

Top 100 borrowers account for more than 22 per cent of bad loans.teveals RBI’s Finance stability Report.  read more

2.On Change, Technology & Prosperity.

We take it as a given, almost a fact of nature like the seasons or the geography of continents. read more

3.Where have all poles gone?

A new study finds that one point in time there were way more magnetic poles than the north and south poles.read more

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