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1.SAARC summit to be cancelled

The SAARC summit of 2016 will be cancelled, a senior diplomatic source in Kathmandu told The Hindu.  read more

2.Sikkim’s clean villages make it kingdom of Swachh

While the northeastern State scores a hundred per cent, as per the current tally, Himachal Pradesh scores 55.95 per cent. read more

3.A new handheld device to detect melamine in milk

Detecting melamine in milk has become extremely easy, quick and inexpensive thanks to a handheld melamine detector developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc),  read more

4.To revive an old friendship

The Russian Embassy announced that their first-ever joint military exercises with Pakistan, read more

5.India’s climate future at stake

The announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kozhikode that India will now ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change as early as October 2  read more

6.Union Cabinet approves ratification of climate deal

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for ratifying the Paris climate deal on October 2, read more

7.Insolvency bill moots creative destruction

A draft Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill 2016 has mooted the “creative destruction of inefficient firms”  read more

1.Saarc Boycott

Leading industrialist Ratan Tata commended the government’s decision to boycott the Saarc Summit in the wake of Uri attacks. read more

2.When a stent is not a stent is not a stent: Fallacies in the government’s drive to bring down its cost

Earlier this year in July, government regulators brought ‘stents’ under the National List of Essential Medicines,  read more

1.That eternal search for an Elusive state

I went in search of happiness, to  the ‘Dragon Kingdom’ of Bhutan, which has evolved to some perfection,  read more

2.SAARC without Pakistan

Hopefully, India’s decision to pull out  the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation meeting this year will be a nail in the regional body’s coffin.  read more

3.Govt green light to ratify Paris deal

The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the decision to ratify the Paris climate agreement on October 2.read more

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