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1.SC bans sale of BS-III vehicles from April 1.

‘Public health more important than auto industry’s interests’.

The health of the citizen is more important than the commercial interests of the automobile industry, the Supreme Court observed on Wednesday and ordered a freeze on the registration and sale of BS-III fuel compliant vehicles by “any manufacturer or dealer” on and from April 1, when the next level and environmentally friendly BS-IV fuel emission standards are scheduled to kick in.

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2.Early shift to renewable needed to save climate : IRENA.

New findings released at Berlin energy dialogue show carbon emissions can be reduced by 70% by 2050, many green jobs created

Countries across the world will have to focus on accelerated deployment of renewable energy and energy-efficiency measures to achieve reduction in carbon emissions critical to keeping global temperature rise to no more than two degree Celsius and avoiding the most severe impacts of climate change, according to new findings released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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3.The modern way.

The government should use the new mental health law to strengthen primary care

The passage of the Mental Healthcare Bill in the Lok Sabha, putting it on course to become law and repealing the Mental Health Act of 1987, will potentially help India catch up with the advances made in the field by other countries.

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4.The dragon at the NSG high table.

India’s bid for NSG membership will continue to see hurdles, with China being vocal in its opposition

At the Carnegie Endowment International Nuclear Policy Conference in 2015, a polling question asked to the hall full of global diplomats and foreign policy experts was: “Is there a likelihood of more than 50% that by March 24, 2017, India will become a participant in the Nuclear Suppliers Group?”

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5.Clamping down on creativity.

By censoring films at the behest of a few, we embolden fringe groups to take the law into their hands

With an annual production of about 1,600 to 2,000 films, both in Hindi and in regional languages, India is the largest producer of films in the world.

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6.BS-IV engines can cut emissions drastically.

BS-III vehicles with mechanical fuel pumps use fuel less aptly

Passenger vehicles compliant with Bharat Stage-III emission norms vary widely from their Bharat Stage-IV compliant engines, depending on the size of the car and whether they are petrol or diesel versions.

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7.New accident recording format.

For accurate, consistent and objective road accident database

A new Road Accident Data Recording and Reporting Format has been rolled out by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) as part of the aim to move closer towards an accurate, consistent and objective road accident database.

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8.Brexit spotlight turns to talks between U.K and EU

Brexit spotlight turns to talks between U.K. and EU

Britain has formally triggered its departure from the EU, commencing two years of negotiations with its European partners.

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1. SC bans sale, registration of BS-III vehicles from April 1

Drawing a strong line on environmental issues, the Supreme Court on Wednesday banned the sale and registration of Bharat Stage III (BS-III) vehicles from April 1when BS-IV emission norms will come in force across the country , saying health of citizens is more important than commercial interests.   read more

2. GST closer to reality, LS clears 4 related bills

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday cleared four bills related to the Goods and Services Tax (GST), setting the stage for 28 states, along with Delhi and Puducherry , to enact state laws over the next three months to roll out the new tax regime from July .  read more

3. Hidden factors that slow our courts and delay justice
Study shows why merely increasing the number of judges may not be enough to clear the alarming backlog of cases
Much popular attention pertaining to the judi ciary has been on the vexed question of judicial appointments, a power struggle between the government and judges for determining who has the final word on the judiciary’s ideological trajectory and the careers of individuals manning it.

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4. Looking Back At Demonetisation.

Whatever else supporters and critics of the Indian government’s demonetisation exercise may disagree on, everyone will agree that the decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 8 November 2016, to remove from legal tender high denomination notes (HDNs) accounting for about 86% of the currency stock in value terms was a bold and unprecedented move. Indeed, it is arguably one of the great economic experiments in modern history and will be studied for years to come.  read more

5. Transparent Justice
Installing CCTVs in courts is a step forward, now tackle judicial delays
The Supreme Court’s order directing high courts to install CCTV cameras inside courtrooms in two districts of every state and union territory within three months is a welcome move. This move will usher in transparency , better case management and improve public behaviour within the courts. It can herald a mindset change in the Indian judicial system that’s much needed.

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1.Race for Uniform taxation: Lok Sabha passes 4 key bills.

Clearing the decks for the July 1 rollout of the goods and services tax (GST) that will subsume all central and state taxes for a unified tax regime across the country, Lok Sabha Wednesday night showed the green light to four related crucial supplementary Bills.   read more

2.Geography and Justice.

The attack on ‘Nigerians’ in Greater Noida on Tuesday shows up several flaws in our sense of law and justice. That four youngsters were brutally beaten by a mob while hundreds watched shows our security personnel in poor light. But more importantly,   read more

3.People’s health far more important than automaker’s interests: SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday banned from April 1 the sale and registration of vehicles that do not comply with Bharat Stage IV emission norms.  read more

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