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1.Dashed expectations.

While demonetisation can result in lower interest rates over the long run, there are good reasons to not expect lending rates to fall quickly

The government’s move to demonetise high-value currency notes is imposing significant costs on the economy. No matter, its advocates say. There will be benefits, some immediate and some that will show up over the long run.

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2.Finally,a step towards change.

With the CPN(Maoist-Centre)-led government in Nepal approving amendments to the Constitution that will be tabled in Parliament, a first step towards positive change has been made in addressing federal concerns. The amendments include federal redrawing of boundaries that will allow for at least two Madhesi-dominated Terai provinces, substantial recognition of rights of naturalised citizens, especially women, and some degree of proportional representation in the Upper House.  read more

3.Securing a cashless society.

With the current cash flow deficit, people are being forced to make digital payments. Without proper precautions and security policies, the highly reactive nature of cybersecurity leaves us vulnerable to cyberattacks.  read more

4.No space to contemplate.

At the moment, with the U.S. election over, it seems clear to me that the book was to democracy what the Internet is to demagogy. Perhaps, looking back at the end of this century, if we still retain the ability to look back then, we will realise that the religious fanatics who actually burned books in the 20th century were by far the lesser threat — and not unrelated, in their refusal to engage with the other and to contemplate themselves in the universe, to the larger threat, to the threat that finally emptied our world of depth, colour, significance, and books.  read more

1. Russia: No `secret talks' with Islamabad to join CPEC

Russia dismissed reports in the Pakistani media this week that Moscow was in “secret talks“ with Islamabad to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Reports appearing in Pakistan’s media about some secret talks between Russia and Pakistan on the creation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor do not correspond to the realities. The possibility of Russia joining this initiative is not being discussed with Islamabad,“ a Russian foreign ministry statement said., read more

2. Gross NPAs of public banks rise by Rs 80k cr in Q2

Public banks have seen nearly Rs 80,000 crore increase in gross non-performing assets (NPAs) in the three months ended September 2016.

As on September 30, gross NPAs of public sector banks rose to Rs 6,30,323 crore as against Rs 5,50,346 crore by June end. This works out to an increase of Rs 79,977 crore on quarter on quarter basis. “The government has taken sector-specific measures (infrastructure, power, road textiles, steel etc) where incidence of NPA is high,“ minister of state for finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.

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1.Women and their right to lead.

In March 1989, a debate in the Tamil Nadu Assembly rapidly deteriorated into the kind of scuffle that is now disgracefully associated with Indian legislators. The lowest point of that incident — arguably the Assembly’s history — came when a DMK MLA tried to slap J Jayalalithaa, then leader of the Opposition.  read more

2.Talks can resume only if Pakistan lets go of terror.

Should India accept Pakistan’s rather plaintive plea for talks on the sidelines of the 6th Heart of Asia summit being held in Amritsar December 3-4? Sartraz Aziz, the foreign affairs advisor to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, will be among the 40 delegates attending the ministerial summit. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani will preside over the conference, aimed at bringing peace and development in war-torn Afghanistan, and enhancing regional cooperation. India is one of the 14 participating countries. read more

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