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1.Goodbye, Barack.

The election of its first black President was the beginning of the change America needed, and which the world applauded. It is also the change America has reversed and which the world is regretting.

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2.Peace on track in Colombia.

Colombia’s government now knows only too well that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. In October, a referendum to ratify a painstakingly negotiated peace deal it had signed with the long-time insurgent organisation, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was narrowly defeated. A more piecemeal, less ambitious and sequenced process since then has helped Bogota notch its first significant victory in effecting the peace deal with the rebels. Now, Colombia’s Congress has unanimously read more

3.Notes to remember.

If even the United States has not yet given up on cash, should India?

If three-quarters of the population in an advanced economy like the United States appear to either favour cash payments or a mix of both cash and non-cash payments while making purchases, how challenging will it be for a developing country like India to transition to a so-called cashless economy?

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4.Demonetisation presents an opportunity.

A flailing Congress party, after suffering several electoral defeats in many State elections since 2014, has narrowed its focus on to pro-poor and agrarian issues as a way to shore up popular support, a strategy that predated the elections and adopted earlier this decade. The demonetisation issue has given the party an opening to pursue this strategy in a more concrete manner.  read more

1.Handling Pakistan And China
This year, India recalibrated its relationship with its two biggest foreign policy worries
Can Pakistan’s release of Indian fishermen as a `goodwill’ gesture on Christmas day be the first, faint signs of a thaw at the end of a year that began with a jihadi attack on the Pathankot Indian air force base and later saw India carry out surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the line of control?

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2.End Politics of Polarisation
2016 was the year of us versus them, political class must introspect and make amends next year
If America threw up post-truth politics as the word of the year, India in 2016 gave new meaning to the politics of polarisation. Starting with nationalists versus supposed anti-nationals in the Kanhaiya Kumar case at JNU to the spectacle of aggressive cow vigilantism, near-shutdown of debate in Parliament and the apex court weighing in on the national anthem, this has been a year of extremes.

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