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1.New kit for diagnosing brucellosis.

Brucellosis, which causes infertility and abortions in animals and human beings, is a largely under-diagnosed zoonotic disease posing a major challenge to veterinarians and medical professionals.  read more

2.SC: Accept dying declaration of person with 100% burn injuries.

In a significant ruling in criminal law, the Supreme Court held that the dying declaration of a burn victim against her attackers should not be dismissed simply her burn injuries are extensive, even a 100 per cent. read more

3.The centralising instinct.

Narendra Modi’s 2014 victory challenged the idea that the States serve as the primary unit of political affiliation. Demonetisation presents an opportunity to refocus debates on Centre-State relations

The shock and awe of demonetisationhas left no one in India untouched. Equally no one has been left with any doubt as to the fact that the policy originates with the Prime Minister, and that they are being asked to bear with short-term inconvenience in order to advance the longer-term national interest.  read more

4.Cuba after Fidel.

The life of  Fidel Castro, Latin America’s last revolutionary leader and towering and charismatic anti-imperialist torch-bearer, came to signify the high point of Cold War ideological hostilities of the 20th century. At home, his policies to promote affordable and accessible health care, housing and education, as well as his standing up to global hegemony,  read more

1. The Demonetisation Gamble.

In electoral democracies, all major economic decisions have a political dimension. The Narendra Modi government’s decision to demonetise high-value currency notes is nothing if not political.It has a fuzzy economic component (financial inclusion and digitisation of payments), a stated end goal (reduction of black money), and an unstated political ambition (repositioning of Modi and his party before 2019). read more

1.Trouble once again in Paradise.

The fluid political situation in Sri Lanka, and the erosion of popular support for the Sirisen a – W i c k r e m e s i n g h e combine, have together created in the minds of the minority Tamils, doubts about the regime’s ability to draft a Tamil-friendly constitution and face the political storm that will certainly follow.   read more

2.Don’t waste the crisis; leverage Aadhaar for cashless inclusion.

The debate on demonetisation, aka delegalisation of high-value currency notes, and the ensuing impact on the economy will continue for some time now—between definitions of near term, medium term and long term and between what constitutes pain and what is recognised as gain. What is undeniable is the opportunity the cash crisis offers for the establishment to reboot its thinking and strategy. read more

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