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1.Modi,Merkel sign a dozen agreements.

India and Germany agreed on the need to resume free trade talks between India and the European Union soon, and signed a dozen wide-ranging but low-profile MoUs on the subjects of education, health, skill development and sustainability after a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angel Merkel on Tuesday.  read more

2.Thought for food.

One of the unfortunate paradoxes of our lives today is that despite adequate food production and unimaginable advances in technology, one in three persons worldwide is not getting enough of the right food to eat and approximately 800 million of seven billion sleep hungry every night. read more

3.Don’t tax the tiller.

For peasants, the Mughal Empire was fundamentally an extractive state; a protection racket run riot..  read more

4.GST no panace

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is being flaunted as the single-biggest economic reform since the economic liberalisation of 1991.  read more

5.Law panel in moral quandary

The Law Commission on Tuesday sought views from the public and stakeholders on whether or not gambling and betting are “morally correct in the Indian circumstances”..  read more

1. India & Germany are made for each other, says Modi

India and Germany are “made for each other“, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as the two countries signed a slew of agreements covering cyber security, urban development, vocational education, digitisation and infrastructure during the bilateral inter-governmental consultations here on Tuesday, read more

2. Melting Greenland sea ice affecting monsoon: Study

Indian monsoon may be getting adversely affected by a decline in Greenland Sea ice area, a team of Indian and South Korean scientists have warned.  read more

3. Seventy Years Together: Russia And India

This year, we are celebrating the anniversary of a truly historic event.Seventy years ago ­ on April 13, 1947 ­ the governments of the USSR and India announced their decision to establish official missions in Delhi and Moscow.  read more

4. Go One Better

The progress of legislative activity to roll out Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been hailed ­ and rightly so ­ as an important step in India’s economic transformation.  read more

1.Recasting the Indo-Russian partnership.

Of the four nations PM Narendra Modi is visiting this week, his trip to St Petersburg starting tomorrow has wider ramifications for India’s foreign policy as it seeks to recast the enduring Indo-Russian strategic partnership.  read more

2.The flip side of cattle slaughter ban

The government’s decision to ban the sale of cattle at fairs for slaughter is seen as a step to protect the cow, but the side-effects of this ban should have merited equal attention.. read more

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