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1.India,Qatar to share data on terror financing,hawala.

Seven pacts signed during Modi’s two-day visit read more

2.Missing the wetlands for the water.

Wetlands need to be reinforced as more than just open sources of water. How they are identified and conserved requires a rethink read more

3.Waiting for regime change.

India may be courted by big powers, but bilateral ties are still no substitute for predictable international regimes read more

4.Convergence,but hard choices ahead.

While Narendra Modi’s visit will be welcomed by both the Republican and Democratic leaderships read more

5.The Swiss say 'NO' to a guaranteed basic income.

Swiss voters were on course on Sunday to flatly reject a radical proposal to provide the entire population with a basic income, read more

6.Centre may set up agency for analysing service trade data.

Overall trade deficit declined to $48.86 billion in FY’16 due to net export of services worth $69.6 billion read more

7.High operating costs burn up solar units funds.

Dust, lack of skilled workforce, dearth of water and high temperatures – all contribute to extra costs of maintenance read more

8.Warming Indian Ocean impacts rainfall.

The rapid warming of the Indian Ocean is taking away rain from the central-eastern Indian region, researchers have concluded read more

1.Govt repeats 'no' to collegium's pick for HC CJ.

New Delhi: In a first, the government has rejected a recommendation of the Supreme Court collegium for appointment of a high court chief justice for the second time read more

2.India expects support of smaller countries for NSG membership.

As India’s membership application comes up before Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) this week read more

3.Swiss vote for work,reject 'money for nothing' plan.

No, thanks: Swiss voters reject ‘money for nothing’ salary proposal read more

4.Before the Pharaohs.

Fresh scientific evidence should make us question earlier views about the Indus Valley Civilisation read more

5.First time in 100k yrs,Arctic may be free of sea ice.

The Arctic is on track to be free of sea ice this year or next for the first time in more than 100,000 years, a leading scientist has claimed read more

6.Norway to ban all petrol cars by 2025.

Norway will ban the sale of all fossil fuel-based cars in the next decade, continuing its trend towards becoming one of the most ecologically progressive countries on the planet, according to reports read more

7.'Liquid' cancer test offers alternative to painful biopsies.

Chicago: A blood test to detect cancer mutations produced results that generally agree with those of an invasive tumour biopsy , researchers reported, heralding a time when diagnosing cancer and monitoring its progression may become less painful and risky read more

1.China,US 'trouble' each other again.

An Asian security summit ended in  discord on Sunday read more

2.Cess Pool and the idea of free money.

The benjamin Franklin quio about the certainties of life demands an amendment read more

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