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1.De-Link religion from terror ,Modi tells U.S. Congress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi combined poetry, humour and rhetoric to outline his vision for India’s partnership with the U.S read more

2.To mollify China,India eases curbs on conference visas.

In a move aimed at garnering Beijing’s support for entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), India has removed “conference” visas for Chinese read more

3.Tempering economic ebullience.

The Central Statistics Office’s (CSO) provisional estimates for the Indian economy for 2015-16 have created a buzz. The estimates show the Indian economy growing at 7.6 per read more

4.A big crack in the glass ceiling.

Even before Americans went to the polling booths on Tuesday for a blitzkrieg of primaries across six States, history was in the making. According to a survey by a news agency read more

5.The rights of the terminally ill.

Euthanasia has always been fraught with moral, social, and religious tensions across jurisdictions. read more

6.Quest for another holy grail.

India’s 30-year-old effort to secure a permanent seat on the UN Security Council has been characterised as the pursuit of a diplomatic holy grail read more

7.Civil society in india remains vibrant.

The Central government has acted against a number of NGOs in India in the past two years for allegedly violating the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act read more

8.India eyes uranium from Africa.

On the sidelines of its campaign for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), India is likely to ask African countries to relax commitment to the Pelindaba Treaty which controls supply of uranium from key mineral hubs of Africa to the rest of the world read more

9.Official hope for a repeat of 2008 at NSG meeting.

In 2008, negotiations over the special waiver for India at the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) had gone down to the wire. The real worry was China, as it will be again on Thursday, during a special session of the NSG, read more

10.Consumer awareness vital to hold drug price.

A week after the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), revised prices for 56 more lifesaving medicines, Bhupendra Singh, Chairman of the regulatory body said the biggest challenge in the ‘access to medicine’ debate in India was to get the consumer to be aware of his/her  read more

11.India,Seychelles working to ensure security in Indian Ocean.

India and Seychelles have “very close” relations and both counties are working together to ensure safety and security in the Indian Ocean, the island nation’s Tourism Minister said on Wednesday read more

12.Centre to evolve norms to enhance product quality.

The Commerce Ministry will soon bring out a five-year ‘National Standards Strategy Paper’ to weed out substandard products from the domestic market and boost India’s exports of high quality goods read more

1.Will India breach the Chinese Wall?

Just when they were expected to address the South China Sea (SCS) disputes in a more upfront manner, India and the US have quietly dropped a specific mention of SCS from their joint statement issued after the summit meet between PM Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama read more

2.The Chandigarh Exception.

Isn’t it ironical that Jawaharlal Nehru had some role to play in giving birth to India’s only city which does not have a single road named after him or any member of his clan? In fact, except for a couple of aberrations, no street or publicly funded institution is named after any political leader in this city read more

1.Modi makes Capitol point on Pak terror incubation.

NEW DELHI: Taking an apparent swipe at Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to a joint sitting of the United States Congress in Washington on Wednesday read more

2.Monsoon magic served up in GOD'S own platter.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Wednesday unfurled to the accompaniment of fireworks in the dark sky. Mild thunder and lightning lit up the morning sky, uncharacteristic of the south west monsoon, in contrast to the north east monsoon (thulavarsham) which is accentuated with thunder and lightning. Perhaps, to usher in the much-awaited showers read more

3.Govt to upgrade medical colleges with PPP model.

NEW DELHI: The government has decided to open the doors for medical colleges to be set up in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode in an effort to address India’s burgeoning need for doctors and hence the need for more medical seats read more

4.Time to improve Govt school.

Government schools in Karnataka lack more than just students. They are in need of teachers, infrastructure and, most importantly, government support to be able to compete with private schools, which attract students despite their fleecing read more

5.Why Beijing is wrong about india's accession to the NSG.

DEBATE on the prospects of India’s entry into the 48-mwmber, consensus us-based NSG read more

6.India's nuclear behaviour and national security.

India’s Nuclear Policy has been the subject of debate for many decades now read more

7.NIIF reviewed; FDI update released

NEW DELHI: In a stock taking exercise of the progress made on operationalising the country’s maiden sovereign wealth fund — National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF),  its Governing Council read more

8.India is the only silver streak in gloomy clouds.

CHENNAI: Amid strong headwinds, the World Bank on Wednesday trimmed its growth forecast for the global economy to 2.4% this year, the same insipid pace of 2015 and much slower than the 2.9% it predicted in January read more

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