Information overload i.e. excessive amount of information being gathered through multiple sources, can take a huge toll on the
preparation –

1. Organizing information: Overload results into unorganized notes thus our preparation also becomes unorganized. It becomes difficult to find and arrange the relevant and important portions of the syllabus.

2. Difficulty in learning and revision: Due to information overload, one is unable to revise and ultimately replicate during the exam.

3. Wastage of time and resources: Many times aspirants waste a lot of time and energy in gathering unnecessary information which does not have any relevance for the exam. An aspirant has limited time and must utilize it in the best way possible so that the entire syllabus gets covered.

4. Burdening the mind: Information overload burdens the mind resulting into fatigue. It thus decreases efficiency and also demotivates the aspirant.

5. Negatively affect answer writing skill: With excess information, writer is unable to filter the relevant information for the answer quickly, it thus affect the content as well as speed of writing answers.

It must be noted that information overload can be detrimental to the preparation, but information under-load is also not advisable. An aspirant must cover the entire syllabus which itself is very huge. Moreover there must always be an urge to cover as wide and deep as possible, and an aspirant must continuously try to increase his or her capacity to manage information as in CSE anything under the sun can be asked.

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