In response to the terror attack against a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, India announced that it would revoke the most favoured nation (MFN) status given to Pakistan.

After that India launched air strike at Balakot, where the training camps of Jaish-i-Mohammed is located and destroyed the training camp.

Pulwama attack reflects strategic aims, with which Pakistan wants to establish a new measure of violence in Kashmir or any other part of India.

  • Geography of attacks: The least provocative venue is within Kashmir while the most provocative locations are the high-value urban targets like Delhi and Mumbai. In between are middle-tier cities beyond Kashmir such as Gurdaspur.
  • Aim of attack: In India, the attacking of security forces seems to draw out more political ire and demands for revenge than when civilians are targeted.
  • Nature of attack: Suicide attacks perpetrated by Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), special operations preferred by LeT. Or there will be more use of explosives against convoys and other acts of sabotage.

Reasons for Pak Sponsored terrorism

Pakistan carry out these attacks in Kashmir and elsewhere in India because attacks helps to demonstrate that Islamabad has not been compelled in accepting the status

quo(i.e. Kashmir is integral part of India).

For some years, both the Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda (AQ) have taunted Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere in India for not defending themselves against cow lynching’s, the political standing of Hindutva organizations, failure to insist upon the rebuilding of the Babri Masjid.

  • They both have sought to cast Kashmir as a part of a larger civilization battle in which India and other countries are waging war on Muslims. Their goal is to establish a caliphate through jihad.
  • These organisations are also competitors for Pakistan’s Deep State.
  • Jaish-eMohammed suicide bombers are of Pakistani and Punjabi origin, but this suicide attack, the use of a Kashmiri attacker, and the use of the pre-attack video as an attempt by Pakistan to reassert its equities over the Kashmir dispute specifically.

As Lashkar-e-Taiba is involved in Pakistan’s internal battles against ISIS, Jaish-e-Mohammed is likely to be the most common Pakistani group active in India for the time being.

  • The move to make JeM active in India is strategic because When Pakistan waged war against the Pakistani Taliban, the ISI and the army offered two routes by which Pakistani Taliban could rehabilitate themselves like they could go back to Afghanistan and fight for the Taliban or rejoin JeM and go fight India.

Many security scholars also see indirect hand of China in these attacks.

India response:

First India should try to corner and isolate Pakistan internationally. India has got some success it this.

  1. Withdrawing Most Favoured Nation and increasing tariffs by 200% on Pak products.
  2. FATF grey listed Pakistan recently.
  3. China have supported India in UN in declaring Azhar Mahmood as international terrorism.
  4. US has recently decreased the annual fund givenasked Pakistan to give proper accounts of money spent

Next step could be:

  • India should also immediately declare Pakistan a “state sponsor of terror”.
  • India should consider a range of punitive measures ranging from sub-conventional operations against Pakistan’s terror producing infrastructure (like Balakot airstrike) as well as political measures such as backing away from the Kartarpur Corridor even though that is a difficult decision to undertake for domestic political reasons.

To curb Terrorism, India should 

There has been a sustained campaign against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and security forces have achieved remarkable success in the last two years. But the security forces definitely need to take more precautions to prevent a similar attack.

  • Roads need to be more effectively sanitized, and, where required, civilian vehicle movement should be restricted for the movement of convoys.
  • Small drones must be utilized to keep the convoy routes under constant surveillance.
  • Both the insurgents and the government work towards evolving a political strategy, which drives their military strategy.

Politically, both strive to win the hearts and minds of the people to garner their support. The powerful state, tactically, always defeats the terrorists, but unless it wins the battle of the heart and the minds, it will still lose the strategic battle.

Way Forward for India

According to reports, India is currently preparing a dossier that is to be presented

at a meeting of FATF being held in Paris that links Pakistan to the attack in Pulwama so as to seek the blacklisting of Pakistan as part of economic punitive measures.

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