About National War Memorial

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated the country’s National War Memorial (NWM) adjoining the iconic India Gate complex in the heart of the capital, nearly 60 years after it was mooted to honour the fallen soldiers after Independence.
  • Spread over an area of approximately 40 acres, the memorial comprises four concentric circles, namely- the ‘Amar Chakra, the Veerta Chakra, the ‘Tyag Chakra’ and the ‘Rakshak Chakra’ with names of 25,942 soldiers inscribed in golden letters on granite tablets.
  • It also includes a central obelisk, an eternal flame and six bronze murals depicting famous battles fought by the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy in a covered gallery (Veerta Chakra).

The National War Memorial project

The government had approved the project for building a National War Memorial and a National War Museum near India Gate in 2015 in memory of over 22,500 soldiers who laid down their lives post-Independence.

  • The National War Memorial draws inspiration from the ‘Chakravyuh’ formation
  • The memorial has spread over 40 acres in the India Gate complex behind the canopy
  • The names of 25,942 war casualties have been inscribed on 16 walls of the National War Memorial
  • The main structure has been built in the form of four concentric circles, each chakra signifying different values of the armed forces
  • The Amar Chakra (circle of immortality): The ‘Amar Chakra’ comprises a15-metre tall obelisk and the eternal flame.
  • The Veerta Chakra (circle of bravery): The ‘Veerta Chakra’ is about the six important battles of the army, air force and navy, which have been depicted in bronze.
  • The Tyag Chakra (circle of sacrifice): The ‘Tyag Chakra’ holds the names of about 25,700 battle casualties which have been written on a 1.5 metre wall.
  • The Rakshak Chakra (circle of protection): The outermost tier is the ‘Suraksha Chakra’, comprising 695 trees depicting ‘standing soldiers guarding.
  • Adjacent to the main complex lies a tribute to the 21 Param Vir Chakra with a bronze bust.
  • The entire stonework of the memorial, was done by Star Mercantile of Kishore Kapur, including the obelisk.
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