Why reading Newspapers are important for Civil Services Examination?

Newspaper forms the most basic source of knowledge while preparing for the civil services examination. The importance of newspaper reading is highlighted in the following points –

1. Awareness: A civil servant is required to be aware about the happenings and new developments in the country as well as abroad. Thus the civil service examination tests the awareness of an aspirant. Newspaper is the only source which can provide information in such quantity and dimension that one can become aptly aware.

2. In the past few years, it has been observed that the focus on current affairs, in prelims as well as in mains, has increased to greater proportions.

3. Newspaper reading, especially editorials, help in better understanding and making your own opinion on a particular topic. It helps in developing a balanced and logical viewpoint over an issue. This provides for critical analysis of questions.

4. Newspaper supplements the knowledge gained through books. It helps in integrating the static (bookish information) with the dynamic (current happenings). Thus provides for holistic learning.

5. Newspaper reading helps in interlinking of subjects. For eg. Section 124A of IPC which punishes sedition is a part of Law and can be linked to the freedom of speech and expression under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution as studied under Polity; or the issues related to South China Sea studied under both Geography as well as in International Relations.

6. Newspapers are flooded with contemporary examples, thereby provides good fodder to write and improve answers.

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