1. Irregularity: Reading newspaper generally (like our parents do) and reading it for the purpose of civil service examination are two very different things. Yet, many aspirants make the mistake of reading newspaper as a free-time activity. Newspaper
must be read with utmost regularity and religiously. One must not skip a single day of newspaper.

2. Read but don’t note: The most common mistake that aspirants make is that they don’t make notes from newspaper. In my opinion, all the time given to newspaper reading and not making notes is a complete wastage of time. Anything only read cannot be recalled after a few days. Thus making notes is essential in order to learn and revise

3. Politics and crime: These are the areas which are extremely interesting to read but are of no relevance to the exam. Aspirants, especially in the beginning of their preparation, are unable to identify what is important and what is not, thus they waste a lot of time in reading unnecessary stuff. To resolve this, one must be thorough with the syllabus of the exam.

4. Skipping editorials: Many aspirants find editorials difficult or are under the impression that editorials are not needed as they can be covered through a current affairs compilation. Editorials are the most important articles of the newspaper as they provide critical analysis of a topic and help build opinions.

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