Aspirants while appearing for prelims experience a situation where despite knowing the question or have encountered it before, they are unable to choose the right option. One is unable to recollect the right option because –

1. Information Overload: Reading too many current affairs magazines and materials result in excessive information overload ultimately resulting into a lot of confusion. It is advisable to follow just one magazine and limited material.

2. Lack of Revision: Aspirants gather a lot of material. They tend to buy every new material or test series available in the market. In this way, though they read a lot but at the end have no time to revise. Lack of revision results into poor recollection
ability. Few days just before the exam must be reserved for revision only. Instead of reading more and more, one must focus on revising whatever has been covered.

3. Superficial Reading: Aspirants tend to read material superficially, not doing any extra research or going into the depth of matter. Since multiple choices are very minutely different and confusing, superficial reading makes it difficult to choose the
right option. It is advisable to read material thoroughly and also refer sources on the internet.

4. Lack of Practice: Aspirants read a lot of material but don’t practice enough questions. I have observed that aspirants, especially freshers hesitate to test themselves. They are fearful of getting low marks and loosing morale. Thus, despite
investing in test series, they don’t practice them diligently. It must be noted that practicing MCQ’s is the most important aspect of clearing prelims. It is only through practice that one learn’s the art of choosing the right option despite lacking
information with regard to that question.
Clearing Prelims is an art of accuracy which can be acquired only through practice.

Lastly, keep calm during the exam. It is due to undue pressure that one is unable to focus. Aspirants tend to panic which affects their concentration ability. One must appear for the exam with a free mind and confidence. All this can be achieved through dedicated preparation and hardwork.

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