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As per the Global Risk Report, 2019 which of the following were identified as risk-trends?

1. Climate Change

2. Cyber dependency

3. Income and wealth disparity

4. Increasing National sentiment

Select the correct answer from the given codes.


Which of the following directions were issued by the Supreme Court in appointing DGP in States and Union Territories?

1. It is mandatory for the states to send the list of senior police officers to the UPSC at least one month prior to the retirement of the incumbent.

2. The UPSC would then prepare a list of three most suitable candidates out of the list of names sent by states and Union Territories.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


Which of the following were the members of Quadrilateral Coordination Group?

1. USA

2. Australia

3. Japan

4. India

Select the correct answer from the given code.


'Dubai Declaration' is related to which one of the following?


Consider the following statements.

1. The recent General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) was held in 2018 at Versailles, France.

2. CGPM is the highest international body of the world for accurate and precise measurements.

3. India is not a signatory.

Which of the above statements is incorrect?