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Consider the following statements:

1. RRISAT-2B is a Ku band microwave Earth observation satellite.

2. Data from the satellite would be vital for the Armed Forces, agriculture forecasters and disaster relief agencies.

Select the correct answer using the given below code:


Consider the following statements:

1. Coral reefs support a wide range of species and maintain the quality of the coastal biosphere.

2. Corals control the level of carbon dioxide in the water.

Select the correct code:


Consider the following statements:

1. Other Backward Classes (OBC) categories commission will examine the extent of inequitable distribution of benefits of reservation.

2. The commission will work out the mechanism, norms and parameters in a scientific approach for sub-categorisation within such OBCs.

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?


Consider the following statements about the groundwater assessment survey:

1. It was last done in 2016, to estimate state of groundwater reserves in India.

2. India’s groundwater has been depleting at a worrying rate since 1995.

3. Rainfall is the major contributor of the country’s annual ground water resource.

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?


Consider the following statements:

1. VRV Asia Pacific's manufactured India's largest liquid hydrogen storage tank at sri city of Andhra Pradesh.

2. Liquid hydrogen is used as fuel for satellite launch vehicles.

Which of the above-mentioned statements are correct: