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Consider the following statements about the Finance Commission:

1. It is a constitutional body.

2. Parliament constitutes a Finance Commission at an interval of five years or earlier.

Select the correct answer using the given below code:


Exercise INDRA 2019 is a joint, tri services exercise between


Consider the following statements about Hybrid Annuity Model:

1. It is a mix between the Build Operate and Transfer and Engineering, Procurement and Construction model.

2. Under this model, revenue collection would be the responsibility of developer.

3. It has been introduced by the Government to revive PPP (Public Private Partnership) in highway construction in India.

Which of the above-mentioned statements are correct?


In the context of Parker Solar Probe, consider the following statements:

1. This interplanetary space probe was launched as a part of NASA's New Frontiers program.

2. It is mankind’s first mission to study phthe otosphere of Sun.

Choose the correct code:


In the context of Fugitive Economic Offenders (FEO) Act, 2018, consider the following statements:

1. It defines FEO as one, who has left India so as to avoid criminal prosecution.

2. It covers economic offences related to counterfeiting and tax evasion.

Choose the correct code: