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Consider the following statements about National Data and Analytics Platform:

1. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will develop this national data and analytics platform.

2. It aims to democratize access to publicly available government data.

Select the correct answer using the given below code:


Consider the following statements about the Forum of the Election Management Bodies of South Asia (FEMBoSA):

1. It is a regional establishment that aims to increase mutual cooperation among the SAARC's Election Management Bodies.

2. New Delhi Resolution adopted during 10th FEMBoSA Meetingcalls for Use of Technology in Elections.

Which of the above-mentioned statements are correct?


Consider the following statements:

1. Polio is a crippling and potentially deadly disease that affects the nervous system.

2. For a country to be declared polio-free, cases of both wild and vaccine-derived polio infection should be reduced to

Choose the correct code:


In context of archaea, consider the following statements:

1. These primitive group of microorganisms lives in extreme habitats.

2. They are known for producing antimicrobial molecules, anti-oxidant activity with applications in eco-friendly waste-
water treatment.

Choose the correct code:


Consider the following statements:

1. The ideals behind the Preamble to India’s Constitution were laid down by the Nehru Report.

2. It is enforceable by the court.

Choose the correct code: