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Consider the following statements about Narmada River:

1. It rises from Amarkantak Plateau.

2. It drains into the Bay of Bengal.

3. It flows in a rift valley.

Select the correct answer using the given below code:


Consider the following statements about RCS-UDAN scheme:

1. Under this scheme, participating state governments will provide free land for the development of airport.

2. This scheme is fully funded by the central government.

Which of the above-mentioned statements are correct?


In context of sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, consider the following statements:

1. These government securities are denominated in grams of gold.

2. These bonds are issued by Post offices on behalf of the Government of India.

3. The minimum investment in the Bond shall be 10 gramss.

Choose the correct code:


Consider the following statements:

1. An economic survey is prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

2. The government is constitutionally bound to present the Economic Survey and follow recommendations made in it.

Choose the correct code:


The ease of doing business index is prepared by