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‘One in Millions’ is a professional recording of UPSC model interview training conducted by Amrita Civil Service Academy for the benefit of candidates appearing for the final Personality Test after clearing the Prelims Test and Main Exams. One in Millions is a highly popular and exclusive interview series telecast by Amrita TV. A series of amazing and real life UPSC model interviews – truly unique and a must watch for all aspiring civil servants.

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Amrita is an established name in the field of education in the country today, known for its quality, integrity and values. Gaining from this rich experience, we have initiated this new venture in Civil Services Examination Coaching, to support aspirants in all possible ways in their preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examinations, one of the toughest examinations in the world, popularly known as the ‘Mother of all Examinations’. The academy, established in 2015, is the brainchild of Her Holiness, Sri. Mata Amritanandamyi Devi, popularly known, throughout the world, as AMMA. She is acknowledged the world over for her humanitarian activities and for establishing state of the art educational and medical facilities in the country. Every institution established by Amma is graced by a Midas Touch of excellence; and we are no different.