Amrita Civil Service Academy’s Innovative Civil Services Exam Logistics

Our Prelims + Mains program is individually tailored to advance aspirants continuously to the rigidity of civil services preparation. Classes start with the basics; advancing to difficult concepts and topics.

Highlights of the programme:

1. Teaching and Coaching for early assimilation

2. Exhaustive coverage of both Prelims and Mains syllabus by expert faculties from across India

3. First Academy in India to provide 100 + exclusively devoted hours for Mains Answer writing sessions which is the key to crack the exam.
4. Exclusive sessions dealt with UPSC Syllabus, reference books and sources, approach strategies, various stages and demands of the exam in a detailed manner.
5. Bi-monthly assessment of students preparation levels and performances. Individual Attention through Mentors
6. “One In Million” The real UPSC Model Interview  Programme
7.  Conducive environment for reading.  Excellent  hostel & transport facilities

Date of commencement:

Batch 1: 06 – June – 2018

Batch 2: 04 – July – 2018

The IAS Main’s examination is about performing under pressure and writing accurate answers in time. An aspirant should write should write well-structured answers within the prescribed time limit. The practice of regular writing and feedback is critical and is one of the cornerstone features of Amrita’s Mains Test Series program.

1.Exclusive answer writing and content enrichment sessions

2.Sectional tests and full length tests covering entire syllabus

3 Updation and Value addition classes for GS Papers

4. One day  workshop by  Essay expert

5. Economic Survey and Budget session

6. Detailed answer key will be provided

7. Question paper and detailed  Answer key is designed by the team of experts from Hyderabad and Chennai

8. Evaluation is as per the UPSC Standards

9. Detailed classroom discussion by experts

10. Flexible timing

Date of commencement:

Batch 1:  11 – June – 2018

Our Mains Answer Writing Sessions is as important as studying theory. In addition to getting thorough knowledge about topics with corresponding Q & A, these sessions answer the fundamental uncertainties that IAS Exam aspirants have and that is, how do you to write answers for IAS Mains, how to get writing skills for IAS Mains.

1. Mains syllabus is split into micro unitsl and our test series is designed on that basis in order to cover the entire syllabus

2. 30 + Hours of answer writing sessions (Destructing and structuring) by Experts

3. Focussed more on Contemporary Topics which are relevant to the UPSC Mains

4. Session on Content Enrichment will be provided

5. Evaluation and Feedback will be given individually

6. Essay work shop by Experts

7. Session on Ethics case studies and thinkers will be given as value addition sessions

8. 6 Months Programme

9. Everyday One Static and One Dynamic question will be given based on issues of national importance


Date of commencement:

Batch 1: June 19th 2018

Subjects Offered: Anthropology, English Literature, Geography, Malayalam Literature ,Sociology & Political Science

  1. Subject handled by experts who have produced toppers
  2. 200 + hours of detailed classes
  3. Materials will be provided
  4. Test series is included
  5. Special classes on content and quality improvement
  6. Theme based Learning

1.35 Tests (GS & CSAT)  including sectional and full length tests

2.Question paper and answer sheets are designed by the team of experts from Delhi and Hyderabad

3.Exclusive tests on Current Affairs, India Year Book and Economic Survey

4.Detailed classroom discussion by subject Experts

5.Classroom students can also take the test through online

6.Prelims round up sessions will be provided

7.Answer key is designed in such a way that the approach methodology to the questions will be understood

8.Questions are as per  UPSC standards

9.For boosting the score, additional practice questions will be provided


Date of commencement:

Batch 1: October 10th 2018