11866353_10153087099918302_7945968030368430975_nOur Inspiration : MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI (AMMA)

Spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (known to millions simply as ‘Amma’), is a servant of the world community. Through her inspiring life of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, Amma has inspired people all over the planet to strive to make more and more space in the hearts for others and to dedicate free time to social service. She is the guiding light for the Academy.

Amma converted her own ancestral home into an ashram which is today one of the largest spiritual and humanitarian organisations in India, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Amma is the Chancellor of Amrita University, one of the leading private Universities in India today. MA Math has built more than 80,000 homes for the homeless throughout India, provides scholarships for more than 50,000 impoverished children, and has helped more than one lakh poverty-stricken women form self-help groups, and much more.

At the center of Amma’s life is her darshan: the tender, caring embrace that has been sought out by millions. It is in this intimate manner—a heartfelt hug—that Mata Amritanandamayi meets one and all, listens to their problems and gives them the inspiration and knowledge to uplift themselves and, ultimately, others.

ACSA : Our Vision

Amrita group of institutions have always been in the forefront of education and healthcare in addition to its focus on research and societal enrichment. Amrita is now launching yet another initiative – Amrita Civil Service academy for Civil Service aspirants. Through this initiative, Amrita is preparing a platform to equip young aspirants to face and conquer the challenges of the Civil Services examinations.

ACSA’s vision is to create administrators endowed with resourcefulness, compassion and will power to serve our nation. ACSA envisages to nurture a generation of administrators and leaders who would be exemplary role models for society, inspired by a passion to contribute and serve.

About Amrita University

Amrita has been contributing to society in myriad ways through its scientific, educational and humanitarian outreach. Currently, 18000 students are enrolled at Amrita University in various educational programs on five campuses in India. The humanitarian activities of Amrita, encourage student participation to enhance the all-round personality development of our students and to instill in the younger generation an attitude of service to our motherland India. Research programs at Amrita span a kaleidoscope of areas including Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Haptics, Robotics, Pharmacy, amongst others. Our students have successfully incubated their ideas in our Technology Business Incubator on-campus. Amrita is, indeed, a natural choice for students aspiring for the best in science and with an attitude of service to the society, motherland and the world. It’s a portal of Holistic education inculcating in youth ancient culture relevant in today’s living environment. For more details visit : www.amrita.edu

Mentors of ACSA


ACSA’s faculty resources are some of the best names in the field of Civil Services Examination Coaching today. Years of experience gives them the insight to guide students in the most relevant and critical areas of study and help them to prioritize, the most valuable skill required for success in Civil Service Examinations.


Our Location


ACSA is situated inside the city limits on the Vazhuthacaud-Edapazhangi Road, Thiruvananthapuram, near Cotton Hill Girls High School. It’s just 3 kms, 10 minutes’ drive from the Railway Station as well as the KSRTC Bus Stand and 7 kms, 20 minutes’ drive from the Airport.