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Our resource persons are drawn from major IAS hubs all over the country. Faculty with abundant experience in Civil Service coaching would deal with all topics listed in the UPSC syllabus in detail.

Dr. Gorakh R Patil IRS (C&GST)

Dr. Gorakh R Patil IRS (C&GST)

Dr. Gorakh R Patil IRS (C&GST) has seven years of teaching experience in training UPSCaspirants in Delhi and at various prestigious Universities in India. He is also a panel member of various model interview sessions in Delhi conducted by Government of Maharashtra. He has published more than 200 articles in various newspapers. He is a renowned faculty of

Shri. Vineet Pushpak

Shri. Vineet Pushpak

Shri. Vineet Pushpak, MA, LLB is an alumnus of Delhi University. He is the Director of Sanchetna IAS Academy, Delhi and a renowned faculty of History. He has 12 years of experience in training Civil Service aspirants in many of the well known institutes across India.

Shri. R Vashistha

Shri. R Vashistha

Shri. R Vashistha, an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, has been teaching at prominent institutions in Delhi and cities across India. He specializes in Macro and Mathematical Economics. His unique style of teaching, in-depth knowledge and amiable personality has made him very popular among aspirants. He has authored various study materials and summary notes on Economics.


  • Mr. K S Rajendrakumar IAS – Ethics
  • Mr. Nithin Kunneparambil – History
  • Mr. Hassan Usaid – Geography
  • Mr. Athul V – Society
  • Mr. Rajiv Kumar – Polity
  • Mr. Nikhil Balan – Polity
  • Mr. Mathews George – Governance
  • Mr. Manoj Ravindran – International Relations
  • Mr. Deepak Dev – Disaster Management
  • Mr. Arun S Babu – Economics
  • Mr. Ananthakrishnan J – Environment & Ecology
  • Mr. Shiyaz K M – Ethics
  • Mr. Jithin V J – CSAT

and 5+ team of Experts

FACULTY [Optionals]

  • Anthropology – Mr. Rohit Sajeev
  • English Literature – Prof.K.Gopalakrishnan
  • History – Mr. Nithin Kunneparambil
  • Law – Mr. Nikhil Balan
  • Political Science & IR – Mr. S Murugaraja
  • Psychology – Mr. Shiyaz K M

GUEST SPEAKERS [Eminent Civil Servants]

  • Shri. C P Nair IAS (Rtd.)
  • Shri. Vinay Shankar IAS (Rtd.)
  • Smt. Lalithambika IAS (Rtd.)
  • Dr. G. Prasanna Kumar IAS (Rtd.)
  • Shri. T P Seetharam IFS (Rtd.)
  • Shri. Shashank Shekhar IAS
  • Shri. R K Singh IAS
  • Dr. Ashok B IAS
  • Dr. M Beena IAS
  • Shri. Prasanth R Nair IAS
  • Shri. Hari Krishore S IAS
  • Dr. K Vasuki IAS
  • Dr. S Karthikeyan IAS
  • Shri. R S Gupta IPS
  • Shri. A Hemachandran IPS
  • Dr. Ampady Kaimal IIS
  • Smt. Dhanya Sanal IIS
  • Dr. Raji N S IRS
  • Shri. Siddharth IRTS

GUEST SPEAKERS [Subject Experts]

  • Dr. Radhakrishnan, Deputy Director ISRO (Rtd.),
  • Dr. G Gopakumar, Vice Chancellor, Central University,
  • Shri. Santhosh Taneja, Chairman,
    Samkalp – DAF Analysis
  • Dr. Arun Nair, Principal, Trinity College,
  • Prof. D Thankamani, College of Engineering,
  • Dr. Arun B Nair, Ass. Professor,
    Medical College, Trivandrum